History of Upholstery Craftsman

Upholstery Craftsman Ltd


The Upholstery Craftsman (Mark Waters) specialises in traditional rebuilding and upholstering of furniture; making tailored loose covers, and leather repair and recovery. They also restore, polish and repair wooden furniture, re-web, re-dowel and re-spring bases and revitalise marine or home squabs, window seating and cushions
Established 1988 as Waters Upholstery, re-branding in 2003 as The Upholstery Craftsman the business is owned and run by Mark Waters. Mark has a natural affinity with furniture and its’ structure and is often called upon to help turn a concept into reality. He is well known as being able to turn his hand to anything and is very good at visualising results.

Mark Waters


Born in Dunedin, I completed 7 years training with Nees Furniture Ltd as an Apprentice Upholster, in April 1983 I completed my basic training in furniture.
My background now spans over 40 years of furniture recovery & rebuilding in which includes making concept modern furniture. Rebuilding of antique furniture and french polishing and replacing broken wooden frames.
The most interesting thing I have made is the Geode chair Sheep, and – to date over 1200 furry full sized four legged animals as well as lambs to match.


Point of Difference

Our point of difference is that we offer a unique service providing experience and confidence to people looking to retain a treasured family item, adjust the shape of a piece of furniture or, achieve a new look or feel in their home.  We acknowledge that people who chose to recover existing furniture are making an investment in both time and money.  What they take away with them is the equivalent of a piece of art – an item that is personalised, individual and definitely not “off the shop floor.”

The range of options available in upholstery is incredible.  There is always the opportunity to create something that’s going to be a real scene-stealer.
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